2024 Summer Camp Update

Summer Camp Canceled 2024.mp4

Vetted VA's Focus on Education in 2024

Vetted VA has made a strategic decision to postpone the 2024 Summer Camp, traditionally held in Pittsboro, to focus more intensively on its core mission: educating veterans, active duty service members, and their families on maximizing the benefits of their VA home loans. This pivot reflects Vetted VA's evolution into a training-centric organization, dedicated to enhancing understanding and utilization of VA loans across the industry.

Since its inception, Vetted VA has developed 27 hours of educational content, targeting a wide range of professionals within the housing industry, including loan officers, real estate agents, and underwriters. This content is designed to address the educational gaps that often prevent veterans from fully benefiting from their VA loan entitlements.

In addition to professional education, Vetted VA has rolled out comprehensive online courses for veterans and their families. These courses cover crucial topics such as credit management, the VA's one-time close construction loan, and strategies for managing housing transitions due to military orders. Vetted VA's goal is to empower the veteran community with knowledge and resources to navigate their housing options confidently.

The decision to forego this year's summer camp is part of a broader strategy to extend Vetted VA's outreach directly into communities, supporting VA professionals in educating and assisting veterans more effectively. While the summer camp has been a valuable gathering in the past, Vetted VA is committed to using this time to execute plans that will have a more significant impact on the veteran community's understanding and use of VA home loans.

Nathan encourages anyone with questions or who wishes to support Vetted VA's educational efforts to reach out directly. Looking ahead, Vetted VA aims to return with an enhanced Summer Camp in July 2025, continuing its mission to serve and educate the veteran community.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Nathan at Vetted VA. Your support and engagement are invaluable as we work together to educate and empower our veterans and their families.