A camp is only as good as it's instructors

Sean Little


Current- Texas Peace officer

12 years USMC

15 years Federal Law Enforcement Officer

Sean is returning for year 2 of Vetted VA Summer Camp.  He will be working on the long range course as your instructor/coach. 

John Uhrig

John served in the US Army for 25+ years as an Airborne Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment, Light Fighter Cadre Instructor in 7th Light Infantry Division and  20 (+) years as a US Army Special Forces Operator. He also was assigned to the Australian Special Air Service Regiment for a 2 year overseas exchange tour. He has deployed thought out the world on overseas  assignments during his career.

Tony Meunich

USMC Active duty 8 years 2003-2011

Scout sniper team leader/ chief scout OIF and OEF.  

5 deployments: 2 Iraq, 1 Afghanistan, and 2 Mediterranean/Africa 

Scout sniper school instructor 

Leader marksmanship instructor 

Triple Canopy lead DDM instructor and lead special skills instructor 2012-2016

BJJ black belt and lead instructor for Renzo Gracie Academy Morgantown, WV 

Jeff and Rane Glass

Jeff and Rane Glass are from Gordonville, TX and are the type of friend and neighbor you want in this area.  Always up for a good time, but will always work harder than you if you ask for their help.  They are building their dream together one cow at a time on their growing homestead.  Avid outdoor adventurers they will make the Precision Long Range .22 set up a fun time to be had by all.