The Schedule

Day 2

July 12

Shooting Competition

Scheduled Times

Campers will sign up for times to compete in shooting challenges

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch - All Shooting is DONE

Airboating on the Red river

On Day 1 DINNER - campers will sign up for shuttles to the airboat launch.  You are welcome to stay out all day or come back on shuttles running every hour.

Refreshments and food will be brought out to the sandbar with the airboats so you're welcome to stay as long as you want!  

Camp Activities

At the Choctaw campground, all the shooting lanes will be cold which means you're free to do some new activities!  You can catch and release bass in the ponds on site (equipment provided).  You can take the golf carts out for a roll around the 400-acre property to see what wildlife you might find (the Axis are a bit skittish). 

Or you can head back to your cabins for some rest, explore the Texoma area, or even get in a quick bit of gambling at Choctaw Casino.  Just make sure you get back for dinner! 

AIME on Tour 

On the evening of June 15th, AIME will be hosting an event in the Dallas, TX area

If you want to attend this event we suggest planning on leaving the campground no later than 2:30 to go back and refresh then drive down to the event location (will be a little over 1-hour drive).  Afterward, you're welcome to rejoin at the campground before 9 pm - or plan on meeting up at the Tower Loung at Tanglewood at about 10 pm.

 All Groups Together at Choctaw

18:00 - 21:00

Dinner, Drinks, & AWARDS event

At dinner on Day 2 we will award those who competed in shooting competitions with their trophies!  We will change the party a little and enjoy an awesome night with amazing food, drinks, and time around the fire pit - together - as all good camps have.  

Roast some S'Mores, sing some songs, and see just who can weave the Wildest and SCARIEST Real Estate stories around.