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Partnering with Vetted VA and "With Y'all" Foundation 

In 2021 we launched the first summer camp with a distinct focus - bring people together to solidify community through shared experiences that are hard to do anywhere else.  

It was a success - and we learned a lot - so we did it again in 2022 & 2023.  Both years we had over 150 attendees at each camp and tested different ideas and operations to make sure the camp hit our primary target - Community.  

Vetted VA is Seeking Partners for Our Annual Community Event - Summer Camp 2024. 

Over the last two years, we have had over 150 attendees each year from our professional community join us in Pottsboro, Texas for 3 full days of community development.  Our focus during the event is to build relationships and community through memorable experiences.  We create a unique atmosphere that our members love with activities Veterans are accustomed to.  

In 2024 we will kick off on July 10 with an opening dinner and safety brief.  The next two days are full days of shooting over 7 different types of pistols, shotguns, and rifles - we shot nearly 40k rounds in 2023.  In the afternoon on the 11th/12th we also take groups of Campers to the Red River for airboat rides and swimming as well as have live music and fireworks afterward.  The last day of the event is Lake Day at a private beach where we have 4 pontoon boats to take campers out exploring Lake Texoma.  Each day we have 2 provided meals, drinks, music, and fun to keep everyone enjoying themselves in an environment many have not participated in before.

The Goal of SummerCamp is Quite Different than Other Housing Events. 

We desire to spend the entire time simply enjoying each other’s company. We don’t teach classes, we don’t have stage presentations, and we don’t push new and exciting products to those in attendance.  We aim for 100% attentive presence so that the opportunity to get to know people has a chance to develop.

How You Can Help

For the first time ever in 2023 we opened to sponsors and we are forever grateful to Good Vibe Squad, Equity Prime Mortgage, Originator Success, OVAL Mortgage, and 20/20 Vision for being our pioneering sponsors.  We learned a lot and so we are opening our event to Sponsors again this year in hopes of our community developing direct relationships with you in meaningful and lasting ways.  Sponsors will have name placement throughout the event, areas set up to have business-focused discussions (if you so desire), and complete access to participate in all of the scheduled activities.  We desire that sponsors will use the time to develop relationships so that business relationships have a better and more meaningful foundation in the years to come.  

Your Sponsorship also allows us to do something we've been dreaming of since we began.  We've launched With Y'all, a foundation focused on the housing needs of Veterans, their families, and the surviving spouses of all Service Members.  With Y'all is a 501c3 that supports this community through education live on base, live in community, and accessible online; it provides needed financial support and professional services for Veterans and their families needing help navigating complicated issues to ensure they can keep their homes amid loss and struggles; and it will serve to always create opportunities to grow the community.  

With Y'all will be bringing as many Veterans and significant others to camp, all expenses paid, as we can.  We will do this by offering the community a chance to sponsor these attendees.  Your partnership and sponsorship in our event make sure the hard costs of the event are covered.  And that we can invite as many community members to engage with us as possible. 

Best yet - we will use any extra funds from this event to seed our Foundation coffers and prepare the way for our giving campaigns to support and care for Veteran Community in full in future activities.  

How Do You Get a Return From This?

Ready to Partner with Us? 

Scope Partner

Commitment $5,000

*You are responsible for flights, travel, and hotel bookings/payment.

.50 Cal Partner

Commitment $10,000

Sponsor Benefits:  We definitely reserve the right to ADD more benefits as we think of them and to ADD benefits that you ask about.  This is just a starting place for the discussion. 

To get your sponsorship registered please email

What's Our Target? 

Know your target and what's behind it:  Over the last 3 years we've operated at a budget of $150,000 approximately for each event.  We've made some big investments (firearms) and created some great relationships that solidify our ability to do this event (location, location, location).  Technically speaking our largest expenses are - 

Catering/Food/Drink - $35,000
Vehicles and Movement - $30,000
Private Ranch Facilities - $15,000
Guns/Ammo - $20,000
Staff/Trainers/Security - $20,000

We plan on keeping our lowest ticket price at $700 per attendee for Vetted VA Professionals and their Friends/Family

Our simple cost per camper is just above $1,000 for 150 attendees.  We would like to see our camper numbers go up and that will drop our overall cost down marginally. 

As a Partner - You've Got Options

Not sure you want all that we've listed?  Great - let's make a deal.  Tell us how we can serve you and help you facilitate your goals for sponsorship.  Let's build a package together!  

Ready to go?  Email: - We will walk over the sponsorship package you would like to support and invoice you accordingly.  

About with y'all Foundation

The With Y’all Foundation is a non-profit, 501c3 foundation, focused on the Education and Support of Veterans, Active-Duty, and their Families in utilizing, maintaining, and keeping their VA Home Loan Benefits. 

With Y'all works with Vetted VA to bring up-to-date information and training to a large community of VA Eligible Consumers and Homeowners.  Together we also work to encounter misconceptions and incorrect information that Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals hold against the VA Loan.  We do that by training the entire community and reaching out to them where they are to encourage better.


As With Y'all is standing up operations and all things that go into the creation of non-profit foundation building, we seek partners to assist with leadership, training, and community building.